Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Survasant Pande's

The title of this blog comes from Survasant Pande's. There are 5 Pandes who make this blog ,These include Su-Suresh,r-Rekha,va-Varun,sa-Sankalp,and t-Tarun.All five of us are very independent individuals and yet combine togeather to form the different voices and colours of vasant that stands for spring.We come from Kumaon the beautiful valleys n the Himalayas but have now made Hyderabad the most happening city in India our home.

We are today scattered in diffrent parts of the world for career,academics and jobs.This Blog shows you our journey through life...This blog is for my children, relatives, friends and my numerous students, from six different Universities and spread across different parts of India and the world.

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